But wait, there’s more….


That question about trees falling in forests making a sound came to mind as I prepared to write this post:

if music is composed without an audience, does it make a sound?

As of a few days ago, the sounds of my composing are easier to hear and to perform, thanks to a brand new online shop: elissamilne.shop

This blog has always been purely about ideas, and will continue to be so. But for those keen to experience my sonic ideas, my compositions, the new site will be the place to go, both for browsing, and for purchasing.

At the moment, at this new site linked to above, you can hear, view, and purchase for download, an early intermediate piano solo I composed a few years ago, Rawahi.

This piece was composed especially for a collection of early intermediate pieces and arrangements representing contemporary and 20th century popular and film music trends (Getting to Grade 2 New Mix, published by Hal Leonard Australia back in 2011), and has been a favourite of a number of Australian teachers and their students.

Now, it’s available for everyone.

More pieces will be available in the weeks and months ahead at this new online store: no promises on what’s next, or when it will be there, but more is coming!

And hopefully, soon, life will afford me the luxury of sufficient time to again craft blog-posts here, after what really does feel like an eternity away.

It’s good to be, kind of, sort of, back.

Now, for those who haven’t already clicked on the link, here’s a recording of this first-in-the-shop composition, performed by me just the other day. Fresh out the can – I hope you enjoy….

7 thoughts on “But wait, there’s more….

    • Rawahi is a Maori word that means “the other side of the river”, or “overseas”, and from the point of view of New Zealand, much of the world is “rawahi”, as are many loved ones, who travel to discover what might be on the other side of the water and then never come home….

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