2 Years: Highlights, Lowlights, Strobe.

Two years ago today I began this blog. My expectation was that this would be a catch-all repository for whatever was on my mind and to a certain extent that has turned out to be true. But the reviews of children’s books and the commentary on local media have given way to a fairly specifically-focussed series of posts about piano teaching and music education, plus occasional reviews of performances of contemporary art music, and discussions of classical and contemporary art musics and their audiences. One of my first blog pieces, Scales As Propoganda, was linked to and recommended by some wonderful bloggers in the world of music education (most notably Wendy Stevens), and this was my first experience of how material written in a blog can ‘go viral’ (even if this version of viral was more like a preschool outbreak of the sniffles, rather than a pandemic). This was an unexpectedly exhilarating introduction to the speed of conversation and connection

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