High School (Virtual) Music Class

There’s a chance I’m years behind on this one, but I had a thought today that high school music classes are on a hiding to nothing. The syllabuses works towards a particular kind of assessment that is, effectively, based on performance and theory exams, given a bit of a tweak for the purposes of fitting in with the other subjects. Even when ensemble performances are part of the assessments the emphasis is on the individual performer rather than the group achievements or the learning that has taken place to bring the performance into existence. High school music classes are just a kind of AMEB or ABRSM exam on steroids with a different marking system. So when high school music teachers think about contemporary approaches to teaching, it’s quite tricky to see a purpose for these new-fangled education ideas in an individualised performance + theory/musicianship exam kind of assessment context. My current favourite new-fangled idea about teaching is this one called

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