Musical Resolutions

It used to be my wont around this time of the year to think of my musical misdeeds and resolve to engage in behaviours that would counter my deficiencies of the previous twelve months over the subsequent 365 days. I would resolve to practice longer. Mastering more repertoire. In a more focussed fashion. I would resolve to put musical pen to manuscript paper for a set period of time per day. I would resolve to listen to more music; to become more than a passing acquaintance with the orchestral canon, the operatic oeuvre, the chamber music catalogue; to attend more live performances. I would resolve to work my way through recordings of famous jazz pianists, jazz trios, jazz quartets and quintets and big band ensembles. ┬áLearn to play the hundreds of standards I still didn’t know. I would resolve to get to grips with world music just a little [more than before]; to learn how to compose for hurdy-gurdy, how

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