WOW, said the Owl

Sumptuous illustrations and energetic (but not complicated) text are the order of the day when looking for great books to read with 2 year-olds, and WOW, said the Owl meets the brief to perfection.

Subtitled A BOOK ABOUT COLOURS, this brand new book from Tim Hopgood could not be simpler – a little owl is curious about what the world looks like in the daytime.  And it is astonishingly beautiful, with each new moment in the day bringing the little owl a new perspective on what it is like to see the world (including ‘her’ tree) in colour.

Each illustration has so much to explore that a patient parent or caregiver can happily spend twenty minutes with a toddler reading the story, while the text is equally well suited to a quick couple of minutes just before bed.

Tim Hopgood has recently won an ’emerging’ illustrator award in the UK, and the inference I (excitedly) make from this is that Tim will be producing many, many more wonderful books in the future.

One thought on “WOW, said the Owl

  1. It sounds just fantastic: like the best children’s books, the concept is deceptively simple, but encodes quite a bit of science and quite a bit of expanding a child’s worldview, empathy and imagination. How does the world look to someone else?

    Great review of a really cool-sounding book… Guess I’ll keep it in mind for the grandkids, though, ‘cos I doubt I could get the teens to sit still for me to read it to them!

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