What was wrong with last night’s ABC news (Sydney)

This is the complaint I’ve just sent off to the ABC about the ridiculous story they did about NSW politics last night….. I will update the blog if a response is forthcoming, and/or if the calibre of state political reporting suddenly improves.

Leaving aside the dubious judgement involved in deciding the most important state political news of the day was that Kristina Kenneally objected to being winked at in parliament, the segue into the launch of a new education program by Verity Firth (commenting that the minister for education had a brush with trouble herself) demonstrated a complete absence of logic. This ‘brush with trouble’ was that some small twigs from an overhanging tree branch brushed Verity Firth’s hair as she entered a school ground.

You have got to be kidding me. On the ABC?

The story was simply untrue – Verity Firth had not had a ‘brush with trouble’ of any kind. Puerile reportage of this kind does nothing to further the interests of the public, of the public broadcaster or of the public dollar. And any illusion the news team may have had that this comment was some form of political analysis needs to be immediately dismantled, debunked and deflated.

I’ll be watching the news this evening to find out who in the NSW state parliament stepped on a crack in the pavement today.

One thought on “What was wrong with last night’s ABC news (Sydney)

  1. LOL.

    Good letter. We’ve already got the SMH – we don’t need another organisation producing such trivial stuff.

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