Links to Vodcasts……

My blog has featured my ideas in written format, venturing as far as to include some scored examples – so I am hardly pushing the envelope of the available technology.

I’d love to change the status quo, but for now I’ll just include some links to vodcasts that have just gone up on YouTube with me discussing teaching ideas for three pieces in the P Plate Piano series (and hopefully this style of link isn’t too irritating to click through on).

From P Plate Piano Book One, a discussion of the fabulous Jane Sebba piece Quick as a flash:

And from P Plate Piano Book Two an exploration of Daniel Türk’s Presto:

And from P Plate Piano Book Three an explanation of the stunning little Too tired for anything from the fabulous 2 volume series, Seventy Keyboard Adventures with the Little Monster published by Breitkopf Hartel:

There will be a dedicated P Plate Piano website, which is truly exciting: students will be able to link up their own performances of the pieces from the series, as well as teachers being able to participate in a forum dedicated to the questions that arise from teaching the P Plate Piano material and from teaching students at this beginner standard. It’s almost ready to go, so maybe in a week’s time try out and see if it’s finally up and running – when it is it will be well worth the visit.

And I hope in the meantime you enjoy the clips!

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