P Plate Piano website is live!

One of the most exciting aspects of creating the P Plate Piano series with the Australian Music Examination Board has been their corporate commitment to the project.  So many times in business (let alone the print music business) lateral thinking is simply not part of the equation, so it has been a joy to be involved in a project that really is designed for the 21st century.

So this is the first examination board-produced repertoire series ever to have its very own website, and that website has just gone ‘live’ at http://www.pplatepiano.com.au

Still not live are the online student journal, the teachers forum and some other bells and whistles, but this website does have some nice features already, including some short videos we made at the end of last year.  And I’ll be reporting on when new features are added as the year goes on.

I’m still very much involved with the project, with launch events still running til the end of May. And I will be fascinated to see how the first assessments work out: the opportunity for very young piano students to participate in affirming and celebratory assessments will be an enormous (and positive) change in how piano teachers approach piano exams.

And positive change in the music education culture makes me really excited!

4 thoughts on “P Plate Piano website is live!

  1. I LOVE the new P Plate Piano site! The videos are very helpful and the Hall of Fame for the students is a great idea. I can’t wait to see student videos. Good luck with all your upcoming workshops!

  2. Excellent website. Looking forward to all the extras still on the way! Responses from parents of my students have been very positive. They love the idea of exploring the piano and being creative and the concept of the P Plate licence really grabbed them.

  3. I am in love with what I am reading about your books. Where can I purchase them? I live in Omaha, Nebraska USA. Please let me know.
    Doris Kirke

    • Hi Doris! Well….. at the moment you should be able to purchase my books published by Faber Music through any print music outlet in the US. The Little Peppers series is a 5 book collection (starting at about the 4th book standard of any of the major method books and then progressively more difficult) and it comes with a teachers guide called The Guided Tour of the Little Peppers which has a CD recording of all the pieces in the 5 books, along with loads of creative teaching ideas for each and every piece in the series….
      Unfortunately the Getting to books are only available in Australia/NZ – Hal Leonard US hasn’t gotten around to thinking about a US application for the series – and the P Plate Piano books are published by the Australian Music Examination Board, which at the moment doesn’t market its books overseas.
      But I’m looking into finding a way to make them available by mail – not sure if I can make this happen straight away, but I’ll keep the blog updated (as well as sending you a message, of course) as soon as I have a solution.

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