Something to Report After All: Classical Music Futures Summit

Turns out the Music Council of Australia have been hard at work facilitating participants of the Classical Music Futures Summit contributing to the final reports from the breakout discussion groups, a Steering Committee has been assembled, and the first meeting of this committee has already taken place. Which is a whole lot more than my nothing to report blog from a few days ago.

I had nothing to report because my email address hadn’t been included somewhere along the way, so the loop didn’t have me in it.

The wonderful @JohnofOz (that’s his twitter name, if you meet him at a concert he’s John Garran) had asked me if this was #justanothertalkfest, but it seems it was certainly not that, but rather #justanotheradminbungle.

Since the steering committee have met just a few days ago I imagine there will be communications forthcoming in the next few weeks, and hopefully some interesting moves to create a better future for ‘classical’ music. One of the initiatives already underway is a national accreditation scheme for instrumental and vocal teachers; at the moment anyone can call themselves a piano teacher, for instance, irrespective of training, aptitude or experience. A national accreditation scheme would give parents a better idea about the musical education they are arranging for their children, and hopefully raise the standard of private music education across the country. A great initiative.

And I hope to report on many more over the coming months.

Now the MCA has my email address.

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