Classical Music Futures Summit: a Month Later: Nothing to Report

It was July 12 that the Classical Music Futures Summit was held at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, with participants ranging from private music teachers through to composers to arts marketers to radio broadcasters to artistic administrators to university deans to … bloggers! Nearly everyone there was not simply one of these things, so there was a considerable sense of understanding across the sector, no real sense of divide between participants.

Everyone seemed to be in agreement that “classical” music has a niche audience that is shrinking. Inside that niche there have been success stories, but this against a backdrop of perceived dumbing-down and increased pressure to find sources other than subsidies to keep budgets balanced. Everyone seemed to be in agreement that a cooperative approach to making a cultural shift (and to securing an improved future for classical music) was preferable to an ad hoc approach.

I reported that at the conclusion of the day it had been decided to form a steering committee who would oversee developments arising from the summit. This committee was to be formed as quickly as possible, and participants would all be kept up-to-date in regard to the formation of this committee. There was a degree of dubiousness expressed at the time – but participants were assured they would all be consulted as things moved forward.

I can now report that I’ve heard nothing since July 12! Nothing at all.

I’ll get back to you around September 12….

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